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To perform your guest search, we require two pieces of information. This is to protect your data privacy and ensure only you can see your orders. Here are definitions and suggestions to assist with providing valid search criteria:

INAC codes, enterprise numbers and company numbers provide a hierarchical view to IBM of you or your company. They bring together individual customer numbers that represent each of your specific locations to provide a higher view of your business. You may have this information on documents from prior transactions with IBM. If not, your IBM Customer Support contact can assist you. This information is provided via the "We're here to help Contact options" link in the right hand navigation area. Using the high level INAC or enterprise number for all queries is recommended as it can be difficult to know the exact customer number used on each transaction. Also, noting how your customer reference/purchase order number is input on one record can help with knowing how to query future records. The Frequently asked questions (FAQs) link on the left hand navigation bar or within the "We're here to help" box are available to assist you as well.

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