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QCODE for z/OS or z/VSE Address Management is zIIP eligible - eliminating Batch or Online MSU fees for CASS processing. Latest Release is: 01.01.01.O

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The USPS "CASS Cycle O" is coming and QCODE, written exclusively for z Systems, is an Address Management program that can run on a zIIP - eliminating MSUs! Any current user of CODE-1, Finalist or MaxCASS can save BIG $$ in Financial, Government, Insurance, Retail & Utility Enterprises. It's easier than you think. Learn how!


Information on QMSI and the many benefits our software provides for Mainframe Mailers!

Primary among those is being zIIP eligible, making our Address Management product, QCODE, quite unique. 

The USPS data updates are downloaded a single sequential file making it much easier to use - no VSAM!  

Platforms running in a customer environment verified by IBM

Verified hardware
IBM Systems: z Systems

Verified software
CICS Transaction Server for z/OS V4.2, CICS Transaction Server V5.2, CICS Transaction Server for z/OS V5.1

Date last modified:    Aug 13, 2021

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