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Java plug-in
Initially, you will be prompted to download and install the required Java 1.3 plug-in (about 5MB).  Then, it may take several minutes to load the Java applet (80KB) for the Supported Products List. 

Use these steps to download and install the Java plug-in:

1.  Download Java plug-in

When you first access the Supported Products List viewer page, your browser will check for the required Java 1.3 plug-in.  If the plug-in is not found, you will be redirected to a Sun Java web site to download it.  If this does not happen automatically, click here to access the download page. 

2.  Install Java plug-in

Use HTTP to download the plug-in installation program.  When the download is complete, close your browser.  Then go to  Windows Explorer and double-click on the installation program (EXE) that you just downloaded.  This will install the Java plug-in on your PC, and you may then delete the installation program to free that space.

3. Load Java applet

After downloading and installing the Java plug-in, restart your browser and return to the Supported Products List viewer page. Now Java should be started, and the Java plug-in loaded by your browser.  Then you should see the message "Loading Java Applet" while the Java application is loaded into your browser from the SPL web site.  This may take 1-5 minutes depending on your connection speed.  

During the application load you will see a "Java Plug-in Security Warning" window. To use the SPL functions that allow you to save or copy data to a file or application on your system, you will need to grant the application permission. Your selections are:

    Grant this session - You will be able to save/copy during this session only.
    Deny - The application will continue to run without the save/copy functions; you will see this window the next time you run the SPL application.
    Grant always - You will be able to save/copy during this session and all subsequent sessions.
    More info - Information about the Java plug-in certificate

It may appear that nothing is happening, but please be patient.  You will see the Document: Done status and the browser activity logo may not be spinning even though the browser is still loading the Java applet.  Finally, you will see status messages that indicate the applet has been loaded, initialized, and started.  At this point, you will see the Supported Products List applet in your browser window.

4.  IBM ServicesAssistant (ISAT)

ISAT users are now using an updated Java plugin, which enables coexistence with other Java plugins such as the Supported Products List. Therefore, the full interactive Java search and selective print features of the Supported Products List are now available to ISAT users worldwide.

5.  Feedback

If you have any problems or comments about the Support Line - Supported Products List, please contact the Webmaster for this web site with your e-mail feedback.