IBM Infrastructure Early Programs
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Join forces with IBM to help influence future design

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New Technology Introduction provides an opportunity for you to install, evaluate, use and comment on IBM products or solutions New Technology, New Mindset
Types of Programs Alpha

Influence the development of new technology by gaining before market access to product code. Alpha programs are typically confidential and the first opportunity for you to interact with a feature or function.


Try out a new offering with the team who owns the product and influence its usability and design. A Beta program gives you the ability to evaluate and provide feedback on IBM products before the products general availability. Beta programs are typically confidential and run prior to GA.

Early Support Program (ESP)

Be one of the few selected participants to validate new Software or Hardware and potentially give your enterprise an edge over the competition. The IBM early support programs give you and IBM the opportunity to develop, evaluate, and gain experience with a product or a set of products in your enterprise environment.

Early Adopter Program (EAP)

Designed for IBM early adopter customers who plan to prepare for production readiness for products that are generally available. The intent of an early adopter program is to assist you in a smooth and successful implementation to a production environment. Early adopter programs typically run through successful deployment.

Continuous Partnership Program (CPP)

Establishes long-term contractual relationship with a select group of clients to provide opportunities for feedback throughout the continuous delivery and agile development process, as well as during regular ESPs. The primary objectives are to improve the product and provide value to our clients by obtaining early and regular client feedback.

Customer Success
  • Establish skills and experience with a new offering and share your experience
  • Evaluate new IBM Hardware or Software in your environment.
  • Validate installation procedures and interoperability with other products in your enterprise
  • Provide feedback to help shape design and implementation of future products
  • Review your satisfaction with the offering and suggest improvements to address your specific Business needs.
  • Participate in early enablement and education.
  • Strengthen your relationship with IBM in a confidential environment.